Mental health…it’s an issue that society chooses to sweep under the rag yet so many people face stigma every day due to mental health issues and illnesses.

We choose to refer to mental health conditions as “white people problems” but until when will we admit to ourselves that it’s a global issue? Statistics show that in Africa, 1 in every 4 people who seek treatment in health facilities are treated for mental health problems. It’s not so white after all huh?

The sad fact is that, globally, only 20% of people suffering from mental illness are brave enough to seek treatment due to the persistent stigma that comes with the condition.

I can go on and on with the mental health facts, yada yada but let me not bore you with the statistics.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Grace Wangari, a Psychologist by profession and most of all, a mental health enthusiast. Nice to meet you ☺

I believe that that good health starts with good mental health and that there’s dignity in mental illness and my belief is what has drove me to start this blog ( Oh! And a friend of mine who literally gave me deadlines to start it because he was tired of hearing me blurb and not putting anything into action lol)

With that said my aim is to help you see that mentally ill people aren’t really kookoo or mad. They’re normal like us, just suffering from an illness like any other. So embark with me on this journey of fun facts and knowledge on mental health and various health conditions because Knowledge is power!

Of course not everything I say will be bible truth, some will just be my views on certain things concerning the issue at hand and it would be awesome if I heard your views to! So let’s do this! Karibuni to the mind of a psychologist, karibuni to my thoughts,  karibuni to Gracey’s thoughts 💃💭

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