September is national recovery month. A month that is aimed at promoting recovery of substance abuse and mental illness victims. Recovery takes a lot of sacrifice. It takes a lot of dedication, but what if you take ten steps back…what if you relapse?

In the same spirit of recovery, I want to appreciate someone I consider a hero… my mentor in the mental health advocacy field, Sitawa Wafula, a mental health advocate and probably one of the bravest people I know. She outwardly expresses her battle with epilepsy and bipolar and encourages other people with mental health issues to step up and face it head on. She recently posted a picture of herself , face soaked in tears and she expressed that she had experienced a relapse. That she was having a hard time with her emotional stability and bravely stated that she embraced the fact that in the process of recovery, relapses’s part of the process.

I write about this today because in a world where it’s almost a taboo to express feelings. To admit that you are not okay, we need brave hearts to show us that it’s okay. I recently relapsed into my depression and it’s not something I would go and announce to everyone. If someone asked if I was fine, I’d smile as expected and say that I was even though deep down my walls were coming down. Today however, I feel I am not alone, thanks to Sitawa. I feel like there are others out there battling with their demons and that gives me the courage to step up and help another troubled soul out there.

 I hope I inspire someone today through this post by telling you that it’s okay to not be okay, its okay to fall apart sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t make you a bad person , it just means you’re in touch with your emotions. That doesn’t make you weak. It makes you strong! Because pretending to be okay only hurts you. Why hurt yourself to impress others? Is it really worth it? So in the spirit of recovery, embrace the relapse, embrace your flaws then dust yourself , pick up where you left off and proceed with your journey to recovery.
With love and light😘😘😘

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