Did you believe them when they called you a rebel? Did you belive them when they said you would amount to nothing? Did you spend sleepless nights battling with your mind, battling the thoughts that whispered you weren’t good enough. Did you let their taunts get through to you?

Did you trust the wrong people and they broke you? Is the closest person in your life busy sticking a knife in your back as you spectate? Did you give all of you and got nothing in return, but broken pieces of you?

Did you try to show them who you are? They didn’t accept you, right? They didn’t understand you; your marvel, your astonishing personality. So they chose to judge you, right? They chose to make you look like a bad person. Like a lost black sheep among a herd of white sheep. They tried to tell you your dreams were not valid and because of that, your dreams have gone dark now, haven’t they? You’ve started to believe them, haven’t you?

I am here to tell you that you are perfect in your imperfections. You’re a phenomenon on its own. Not many will accept your brilliance, your creativity, your ideas. Not many will love you for you. But there’s a reason you’re the way you are. There’s a reason you believe in your cause. So block out the negativity. It may come from the people  you trust the most, the people meant to believe in you, your own family….but nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent….only those who can’t hear the music will call those dancing to the tune insane. Insanity is said to be the  inability to communicate your ideas, so when people don’t understand you, they brand you “insane”. So what?! Be proudly insane! Don’t you ever forget to groove to the tune of your individuality…

With love and light! 😘😘😘

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