I have been so occupied with work, keeping up with my social life and responsibilities that I forgot which day or month it was! I know, crazy! It’s September once again; suicide prevention month.

The 14th of September is a day set aside to commemorate what they call, “R U OK” day. It’s a day set aside to ask friends, family members and basically anyone who you interact with, if they’re okay. Not that some of us don’t do it on a regular basis, but seldom do we express genuine concern when uttering those words. It has become a general greeting. R U OK , is also an Australian based, non-profit organization that has it’s focus on suicide prevention and mental illness. So, I feel like celebrating this day has a considerable effect on suicide prevention, which is the awareness agenda on our calendar this month.

Well, clearly I’m late for the party! So this month I want to give it a little twist and turn. I want us to do an R U OK challenge to help all those around us going through a hard time. Try the challenge out for the rest of this month and if you like it, the rest of your life! Also fine!

Sometimes our friends and loved ones may be going through a hard time and all they need to prevent them from picking up that rope, is a little bit of concern. So be there for someone today, tomorrow, basically whenever you can!


1.Take a friend for lunch.

Reconnect with a long lost friend. Take them out for coffee or lunch and just get to know how they’re doing.

2. Make that call you keep postponing!

Sometimes we can have someone in mind but we keep saying how we’ll call them and never do! From my experience, I have come to learn that every time I think of someone over a long period of time or just suddenly, that person needs someone. I have often regretted when I didn’t reach out and later on, found out that that individual could have used some help right at that moment I shrugged off my thoughts. So make that cal you keep postponing, you never know! You might save a life.

3. Exercise!

Exercise is one of the best stress relievers. It rejuvenates your mind and it’s a more affordable way of getting in shape. Go for a nature walk with a friend, take a yoga class together. Do something with a friend or loved one to get your mind off daily hassles of life.

4. Organize a reunion

Organize a get together with friends and loved ones. Sometimes life can get so busy that we barely have time to check up on others. Whip up that family dinner or a barbecue with your friends, go camping for adventures sake! Get to know how they’re doing. You never know if one of your friends is in dire need of assistance.

5. Check on yourself!

Last but not least, are you okay?? I always talk about introspection and meditation. Checking up on yourself should in fact be the first activity because what can’t you do? You guessed it! You can’t pour from an empty cup! So make sure you’re okay before you go about helping others to be okay.

Hit me up on the comment section or any of the contacts I’ll share below and let me know how the challenge goes.

Until next time,

With Love and Light,


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