Valentines and Mental Health.

Ola mi amigos!

It’s that time of the month again! When the world is painted red and love is in the air. Some of us hate the idea of it, especially if you’re single like me and some of us adore the day!

The one thing I know, especially as a depression survivor, is that love and support are two things that someone suffering form a mental health condition, needs the most. These two aspects are tremendously crucial in the healing process. What better day to express this love than the day of love itself?

Individuals with mental health conditions are just your ordinary Joe. They aren’t some kind of Martians and they definitely don’t have to be naked on the street bickering about the end of the world. They may need a little extra care on the emotional side but they are pretty much, what the lay man would like to call, “normal”.

So how can we make this day extra special for a loved one suffering from a mental health condition? I can provide a few tips.

1. Comfort please?

Get your loved one a pillow or a new pair of PJs. How about some happy socks with a beautiful personalized message? Individuals suffering from mental health conditions experience a lot of stress and anxiety and it would be amazing to give them the gift of comfortable rest on this special day. This decreases their tension and stress levels. Encouraging better moods!

2. Writing therapy

Did you ever keep a journal? Well I did! I was a very soft-spoken girl. Growing up, I barely said a word to anyone unless they were my immediate family. Everyone else felt like a threat so I took to writing to get me through sad days, happy days. The journal didn’t judge me. The journal didn’t care who I was and writing became one of my greatest solace. Sometimes finding words to express your feelings can be really hard, so what better way than to write it down and let it off your chest? Wrap up a nice Journal for your loved one this valentine season to help them find a very effective avenue to express their emotions.

3. Some tea and toast?

Tea has been known to calm nerves. Chamomile tea is one of the types of tea well-known for stress relief? Trust me, I have tried, tested and approved! It calms your nerves and puts you to sleep like a log! So how about you get your loved one a nice mug with a sweet personalized message to be taking that chamomile tea, yeah?

4. Happy Socks!

Every body needs happy socks! Always gets you going and moods up! This can be a great valentine’s gift for your loved one.

5. Eye Masks.

Strange selection, I know but this kind of gift can be vital for individuals suffering from insomnia; which is a common symptom of various mental illness such as bipolar. Eye masks can help limit the light for an individual thus helping him or her get some well deserved sleep!

6. Blankets.

I’m wondering if any of you were the kind of children who had favourite blankies! Oh, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t grow up in some boujee home. Our home was as African as they can get! Complete with Authoritarian parents. Despite the fact that my parents tried to be hard on me, I was such a weakling, horribly scared of practically everything! So they’d just end up giving me a bit of leeway. Their weak and vulnerable baby. I had a baby blanky that gave me so much comfort. It made me feel safe. When I think of it, I guess that’s why I slept a lot,when I was going through depression. A condition known as, hypersomnia; excessive sleep. The comfort of the blanket somehow makes you feel safe. Make your loved one feel safe by getting them their very own comfy blanky for valentines!

7. Chocolates.

How about some chocolates to help you release some happy hormones?  Studies show that dark chocolate reduces the level of stress hormones in your body and while at it, fights heart disease! You can never go wrong with chocolates!

8. Card for my love.

Cards are a beautiful way to express to a loved one how much they mean to you. We value cards because there’s something about writing our feelings down that manifests these feelings in their purest form, rather than saying it by word of mouth. A card can be a great gift for your sweet this valentines!

9. Subscription to a support group.

Talk therapy can also be a very effective way to heal or manage a mental illness. There is no better way of showing your loved one support in the healing process as getting them a subscription to a mental health support group to keep them going.

If you’re looking to purchase some of the items I’ve mentioned in this blog post or you’re hoping to explore other options,then you’re in luck! We have plenty of quality merchandise with empowering messages for a loved one with a mental illness, to show them how much you think of them. Check out my website Click on the merchandise option and select the item you would like and the personalized message you would like for your loved one. The sale goes up to the 13th of February.  Help spread the love and light this valentine season.

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