There’s something about the sound of the spattering, drops of rain, on the roof. The sequential drops of water splashing from the side of the window. The smell of the earth. The smell of potential. The smell of a second chance.

That’s my mood, this morning. A mood for change and for taking control. Warrior mode, You know! I don’t get a lot of these kinds of mornings, so when I do..I embrace every second of it.

I’m taking in the first, salvageable, breath of fresh air and peace of mind before I log into societal pressure; with a dose of social media depression, from, yours truly our favourite Instagram “living my best life socialites”. I don’t get how this is even a daily routine of mine. I lie to myself how I’m keeping up with what’s current. Is it really?! I should consider scrapping it off my morning routine!

I’m in the mood for a challenge this month. A reminder of how I used to kick it back when I started the blog.

I’m in the mood for kicking off useless habits. Those that I’ve been comfortable with the past few days, weeks or months but are a major contributor to my downfalls.

You know, those kind of little habits that drain your bank account or encourage unhealthy eating or damage of body organs. The kind that you push to the back of your mind with a chuckle or a joke…… “You spend all your money on food Susan!”…We all laugh… Ha. ha. ha. But seriously, Susan! What are you going to do about your eating habits; that are making, you, go broke? Not so amusing when you phrase it like that, is it?

So instead of laughing off these so-called minute  problems, why not deal with them? You might end up saving a lot of money and you might walk away with a lot of insight from the process of dealing.

So join me, if you may, in my new challenges month. However crazy! Because some of them are going to be absolutely ridiculous!! Just to spice up life a bit and gain back control that was once lost! Who said new things always have to be at the beginning? To New challenges November!


With Love and Light,



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  1. Caroline Ruths November 6, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    To New Challenges November “Ching Ching”

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